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Buell/EBR Shim Kit. Choose either a complete set with all sizes, or shim exchange.

$39.00 - $320.00

Update! While we work to source complete kits again we would like to offer an exchange service for valve adjustments.

You will perform the valve clearance measurements, and record what size shims you currently have. Next, you'll determine what shims you need and send us your list, including the shims you don't need. We will send you back a complete shims kit custom tailored to your bike. Although not as good as a complete kit, we found most people would buy a very expensive shims kit and use only a couple of them.

Message us with questions! We priced this option quite affordably to assist the community.


Genuine EBR Shims, includes all 40 different sizes, with 5 of each shim size. 2.00mm-2.975mm with .025 increments. Competitor only offers sizes in .050 increments. Fits all Buell 1125 and EBR 1190 bikes (RS/SX/RX).

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