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Fuel Pump Regulator Housing - New Style Pump

$95.00 - $135.00

Fuel pressure regulator housings, for new style XB fuel pumps (hex drain plug, 2005-2009).

A project 2+ years in the making! We started this after the OEM housings became obsolete, none are available for purchase anymore. We made 59 revisions to this model to get it right!

The stock housing used a clip style with a fastener ring that over time breaks, causing a loss of fuel pressure, and a very poor running bike. See photo attached.

Our unit is made with industrial nylon, and is 100% fuel safe. We use the tried and true clamping method found in the Tube Frame bikes. Low fuel sensor attachment of course is integrated.

If you buy this with a fuel pump kit from us simply select the regulator housing itself, we will take your regulator and install it for you from your kit and pressure test it.

If you have a pump that is working and you just need to the regulator housing and regulator choose the "installed" version

A huge shout out to the folks that helped make this project possible. David Flack of DMF Machining for all the hours of CAD work he did with us (link to his shop: ). Also, Jacob Stark for his knowledge and assistance in this undertaking.

Many thanks to all of our test riders but mostly Will Fedun and Ray Chrzanowski who put a ton of miles on these things!