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RENTAL TOOLS: Fuel pump removal tool, Clutch hub locking tool 1125/1190, 3 Bearing tool, and others!

$80.00 - $150.00

We have started our loaned tool option for select tools!

The fuel pump removal/pulling tool for both the XB and the 1125 (all models). The tool properly pulls the pump from the frame, which prevents damage to both.

The 1125/1190 clutch locking tool is needed for removing/installing the clutch hub, or servicing any primary gears and a whole bunch of other things the clutch blocks.

The 3 Bearing wheel bearing removal/install tool is for XB and 1125 motorcycles that have the black axle, large black dust seals (2 sprocket side bearings, 1 disc brake side bearing. This is a very necessary tool as you need to perfectly guide the two bearings into their cavity to avoid them going in crooked. We have adapters for the 1190 wheels, which are also 3 bearing but have a larger ID.

The rotor removal tool is to remove the charging rotor on 1125 and 1190 bikes. Sometimes the loctite prevents the rotor from being pulled off, making this a very useful tool.

The crankshaft locking tool is used to both remove and install the charging rotor, as well as servicing the engine (other crank nut, clutch nut, etc).

Make your tool selection at the drop down menu!

You'll pay for the deposit, and when the tool is returned in good order we will credit you all but $10 for the use of the tool.

There is not an option to keep this tool, you'll need to return it!

If you see the "sold out" check back within a couple days as we only allow the tool be be used for 5 days per customer.